The Freedom
to be Full

Every baby deserves the right to eat when they are hungry.

Small babies need to eat every 3-4 hours.
A lack of food will affect their development and healthy growth.They will not survive without food and it will cause them irreversible damage.

This is a painful statistic, but the reality is tough!
We receive hundreds of requests every month from crying mothers whose babies are suffering from hunger.

How can you

Donate to "Aid For Babies" and provide home-delivered, nutritious meals to babies in need. Our food packages contain all the essential food groups and are packed with nutrients that improve mood, boost energy, and help them stay strong.

How can we choose?

Which baby do we say yes to and which one do we say no to?

Mothers who escaped the cycle of violence

Many of them lack financial or family support, which can make it difficult for them to start new life

Parenting is challenging

Many mothers suffer from psychological pressure due to the heavy responsibility placed on them

High costs of raising children

Mother don’t have that amount of money

Proper nutrition for child development

Babies don’t regular access to nutritious and healthy food

We want to help all the hungry babies.
Their freedom to eat is in your hands!

Our Work,
Your Money

We receive an average of 20 requests per day from mothers of babies who desperately need our help!

New Request / Day
Distribution points
Formula milk since the beginning of the project
Formula milk distributed this month thanks to your donations

Full transparency

Click For Love is an umbrella organization dedicated to supporting various associations and organizations working tirelessly for the betterment of children, babies, soldiers, and Holocaust survivors in Israel. Our primary focus lies in collecting and distributing essential resources, such as food, clothing, and basic necessities, to uplift these communities.

Our Approach


We ensure that donations reach those in need directly, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and delays

Empowering Social Bonds

Through compassionate interactions and emotional support, we foster a sense of belonging and community for individuals facing challenges

Community Strengthening

Our initiatives contribute to building a stronger and more empathetic society, promoting mutual responsibility and care

Raising Awareness

We actively raise awareness about the needs of disadvantaged populations, advocating for their rights and well-being

Our Volunteers Are Saying

We have thousands of volunteers who are just waiting to go out and bring them a hot meal and a big hug…
We just need the meals!

From the Field

“You’re the only ones who come every day to see if I’m alive,” Reut told us.

Without you, there is no one to take care of them. The country is busy with war, and we must all unite for the Mother, children and babies.

Request for help from mother's In Israel and USA

** The text in the whatsapp messages is written in Hebrew because most mothers are located in Israel and the volunteers speak Hebrew between themselfs.

Key Activities


We organize and facilitate fundraising campaigns to collect food, clothing, and other essential items

Direct Distribution

Our dedicated volunteers personally distribute the collected donations to those in need, ensuring a timely and personalized approach

Social Activities

We organize engaging events, workshops, and leisure activities for children, soldiers, and Holocaust survivors, providing them with opportunities for joy, connection, and respite

Partner Power

We connect with reliable on-the-ground partners supporting children, babies, soldiers, and Holocaust survivors. This ensures resources reach those who need them most.

Nutrition Packages

How Many Babies Will Have the Freedom to Eat?

It's time for us to stand with all hungry babies.
Let's ensure no child goes to bed hungry tonight.

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In Aid For Babies, it’s easier than ever to make a difference in the life of a children’s.
Donate them grow with just a click!
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